Perfect For Someone Special

Topaz rings are wonderful gifts for women. They are perfect as a birthday present, wedding engagement ring, an anniversary present or just a gift from the heart. The topaz crystal comes in multi shades of colors and its incessant glittering surface makes the gemstone so attractive and alluring.

Colored topaz is the most popular gemstone used for jewelries since the 16th century due to its colorful and sparkling appearance that enables it to match clothes and other jeweleries. Even in its pure colorless form, topaz can be matched with many other gemstones, styled in various designs and paired with sterling silver, gold or white gold ring bands. Topaz come in various shades of yellow, blue, brown, pink, purple or combination of mystic shades. No two stones are exactly the same in terms of color shades and this is what makes a topaz ring such a unique and personal gift.

Character and Individuality

The most rare forms of topaz, and thus more costly, are those that are heat-treated to a lovely warm brown color and darker pink shade. The brown color shades for example are warm, subtle and some carry a reddish hint that are particularly unique to the color of topaz and cannot be found in other gemstones. On the other hand, the more common ones are yellow, blue and white topaz, which are less expensive but equally beautiful and engaging in appearance. Yellow and blue topaz are very popular as they are very affordable and come in various designs and styles. Their bright attractive colors also make great fashion statements.

Topaz rings are simply adored by women of all ages because they are ideal accessories to match their wardrobe and other jeweleries; they also exude fashion, style and individualism. The color of one’s topaz ring can be a personal favorite color or it can also be the color that reflects the color of one’s eyes. As it is the birthstone of the Sagittarius, a topaz ring can also symbolize the friendly and positive personalities of those born in the month of November. Therefore, a topaz ring is not just a piece of jewelery, it represents a part of one’s personality and preferences.


Topaz rings come in a wide range of prices, depending on the color of the stone and design. One can own a beautifully designed yellow or blue topaz ring for only $25.00; alternatively one can purchase a dark brown or pink topaz ring for $500.00 or more. Other than the color of the topaz, the price of a topaz ring is also determined by the complimentary stones to which the topaz is paired with. Because of its versatility, topaz can be cut into many shapes and treated into different shades of colors, making it perfect to be coordinated with other gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, amethyst and diamonds.

A topaz ring makes the ideal gift for a woman; it is beautiful and its wide price range makes it affordable for many who have a certain budget in mind. More importantly, a topaz ring gift speaks as much about the giver than it does about its receiver. It is a personal gift that can only be selected by one who understands and knows the special someone to whom the ring is meant for. A topaz ring never goes out of fashion and it is the perfect symbol of everlasting love and loyalty.